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About Sandviken Pure Power

Climate change is one of our biggest challenges. To solve it successfully, we all have to contribute. In Sandviken, the companies, researchers and the public sector are collaborating to create sustainable alternatives to both private and heavy transports.

Collaboration, powerful innovation and a clear vision

The Sandviken municipality constantly search for new ways of acting sustainably, through collaboration, support and by sharing experience. Today, all food from the central kitchen and the distribution central at Tuna is transported with biogas trucks. This means shorter and more environmentally friendly transports

Thanks to the unique collaboration between Sandviken’s local council, Sandvik and AGA Gas, the fourth hydrogen refueling station opened in Sandviken in 2016. Another project is the evaluation of the electric highway – a collaboration between the industry, public sector and academia. Wind power, biogas, charging stations for electric cars and eco stations are other exciting parts of what will make Sandviken carbon dioxide neutral in a near future.

When wise people from all over the world in industry, academia and the public sector interact, exciting things happen. Sandviken is such a place in the field of fossil free and climate neutral energy.

All these initiatives bring researchers and companies from all over the world to Sandviken to learn more. It creates ripples on the water. Through collaboration, strong innovation and a clear vision for sustainable development, we are creating tomorrow’s transport solutions together. At the same time, it creates job opportunities.

Unique opportunities with hydrogen in our energy transition

Sweden aims to achieve climate neutrality by the year 2045. To become one of the world's first fossil-free welfare states. In Sandviken we lead by example. We have been actively working to restructure our sectors for fossil-free, transport-free emissions and build sustainable communities since 2015.

Sandviken Pure Power is a concept that communicates this journey and inspires more people to join our mutual transformation. Hydrogen is an enabler for climate change in several industries at the same time as it opens up new business and export opportunities.

Hydrogen has the potential to revolutionize and significantly reduce the climate footprint, but also the environmental footprint (sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides, particulate matter) from several industries, not least the industrial and transport sectors. For the municipality of Sandviken, this is very important in order to be able to offer our residents a safe, attractive and healthy living environment. For the Gävleborg Region, this opportunity means achieving the following:

  • An overall contribution to Climate Change
  • Create new green jobs • Strengthen our role as one of Europe's leading “Hydrogen Communities” and our brand
  • Build a belief in the future for our residents
  • Attract investments and new companies

In an interview with Jesper Börjesson, Anders Lundell from Sandviken Municipality tells more about how we can succeed with this change and what it can mean for our modern digitalized industrial society


Are you considering buying an electric or hydrogen fuel cell car, or do you want to know more about what we are doing to create fossil fuel free road traffic in Sandviken? Read more about being a part of Sandviken PurePOWER.

Anna Klasson - Business Development Sustainable Transition, Sandbacka Science Park

Malin Rogström

Malin Rogström - Head of developmen, Sandbacka Park


Sandviken Pure Power presentation at the IASP 2019 World Conference

In September 2019, the 36th World Conference of the International Organization of Science Parks was held. The theme of the conference was:

"The 4th Industrial Revolution: Areas of Innovation and Science Parks as Key Catchers for a Successful Transition."

Sandbacka Science Park participated as a speaker with the communication platform developed by Sandviken. ¨Sandviken Pure Power¨.

The presentation shows how Sandviken works with the collaboration between the public and private business community for a more attractive and sustainable society. How this development can create new jobs while our Sandviken becomes a showroom for clean technology. A society for the next generation that lives and grows up in a more sustainable and secure Sandviken with a fossil-free future.

In front of 600 participants from 70 countries from around the world, Malin Rogström and Anders Lundell presented how Sandviken has become a leading player in sustainable development. Malin is the head of Sandbacka Park Development and leads the work on Science Park as a regional innovation node. Anders is the Sustainability business development manager and the Sandviken Pure Power coordinator.

When wise people from all over the world in industry, academia and the public sector interact exciting things happen. Sandviken is such a place in the field of fossil free and climate neutral energy.

Sandviken PurePOWER is an open communication concept administered by Sandvikens Kommun. Here, people that want to contribute to making Sweden one of the world’s first fossil free countries meet. Sandviken is the place where it all happens. Right now.